Do We See A Trend Here?

Is there a lack of communication between the needs of Laguna Woods Village Residents and what the GRF/PCM providers propose. Here are some examples:

  1. Several cement blocks in the walls for the Manure Bins Were Loose
  2. So! We build all new Manure Bins with a Foundation that will withstand a 7.5 earthquake .
  3. Just to hold manure. ($120,000)
  4. We need a new room for the Bridge Players to replace the old CH#4 room ($1,000,000).
  5. We build a complete Clubhouse with all the amenities including showers, kitchen, dining room, Golf Shop ($4,000,000).
  6. We need to refurbish Clubhouse #2 ($1,000,000).
  7. We have a proposal for a 3 story,Clubhouse that is twice the size of the current Clubhouse #2 ( $9,000,000 - 16,000,000).

How long will it take to convince GRF and PCM that Quality does not mean additional, bigger and more expensive things in our budget that will only increase our assessments.



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