Land Sales

An extensive set of documents can be found on in the Document Files located on this website. See Site Map>Documents. It includes considerable history of the 1996 transactions whereby GRF obtained many of the parcels that we currently have and are trying to sell. This convoluted transaction is still causing questions in many peoples minds on, "what happened?" Who was the "beneficiary" and what was the "purpose" of this series of transactions. Hopefully this can clear up some questions you might have.

The following document is an excerpt from a GRF Presentation that was made in 2006 explaining their plans for the ultimate use of the properties that we now own and have developed, or, kept vacant to maintain some "green belt" atmosphere within the boundaries of Laguna Woods.

The website "The Smoking Gun" has additional information that includes current research in the titles an deeds that were involved. It has a wealth of information for anyone attempting to understand what our current status is and how we got there with respect to property sales and acquisitions.

Also see articles pertaining to the Equestrian Center.

Current (2006):

  1. Directors Corner Article dated 12-29-05 by G. Portlock
  2. Directors Corner Article dated 8-10-06 by M Rhodes
  3. Directors Corner Article dated 8-31-06 by M Rhodes
  4. GRF Land Use Plan for Urban Activity Center Properties Dated 2-6-06 (Excerpts)


Past (2000):

Check out the plans that have been in place since 2000.

  1. Analysis of Properties 5-22-2000
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