Joint Venture

PCM, GRF and the 3 Housing Mutual Boards are planning on initiating (if they haven't done so already) working "Jointly" with an outside "Developer" to put together a plan for our various parcels of land.

"Well," Mr Portlock, "what are your plans for Garden Center 1, the Restaurant Pad, and the upper Pad? Please tell us:"

"Oh! O.K. then we have;

Garden Center 1 - to be developed as low cost housing

Lower Restaurant Pad - possibly a restaurant???

Upper Pad - no plans yet???"

"Well! What about the Equestrian Center, Mr Portlock? Please tell us:"

"Oh! You don't have any idea on where you will possibly put the Equestrian Center, but the owners can trust the Boards that it will be in the final plan!"

"Do you think that it would be wise to determine where the Equestrian Center will be located, FIRST, and then do the Planning around that decision. Unless, you only plan on relocating the Equestrian Center if it fits into the 'Developers' plan. What commitment does an ousider 'Developer' have to satisfy the owners needs?"

"How about the parcel adjacent to the Equestrian Center called the 'Hole in the Ground', Mr Portlock, Please educate us:"

"Since it is of little value as it stands and out of the goodness of our heart, we, GRF, will get the City to give us a permit to relocate it to our 18 hole Golf Course by building a retention lake out there. Any idea on what that will cost the OWNERS? Let us know before we do the master planning, please."

Also visit Joint Venture PowerPoint Presentation.



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