Website & Blog Instructions:

Website Instructions: (goto Blog Instructions)

How do I maneuver around the website?

On the bottom of most pages are some links (means of jumping) to the Main pages in this website;

Example: |Home Page|Instructions|Site Map|Agendas|Issues|Documents|Blog|

By selecting any one of these underlined pages, you will jump to that page.

What are the other underlined areas on a webpage?

By clicking on an underlined area you will skip (called a link) to another part of this page; Link to another page on this website; or; link to another website entirely. To return to this website when you link to an outside website, close the other website by clicking on the x in the top RH corner of the screeen and you'll return here. Want to try it? Click on the underlined AMOS and come back here after your done there - (x in upper RH corner, remember).

Many times there will be several areas underlined (links) and if you go there as you read the page, it will take you to documentation or explanations that are pertinent to the narrative. To return to where you came from when you remain within this website, just click on the <=== (Back Arrow) in the upper LH Corner of the screen.

All of the presentations made at a Resident's Voice Meetings are available to look at by selecting the Agenda for that date from the |Site Map| page. Just work your way down and select the underlined areas as you read the page and you can see what was presented at the meeting.

Please enjoy yourself and if you have any questions or problems, feel free to e-mail me at

I am looking forward to serving you.

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BLOG Instructions: (goto website instructions)

What is a Blog?

A history of comments and responses that can be viewed and ressponded to by any viewer.

How do I get Into the Blog?

On the bottom of most pages are a series of links to other sections of this website. Clicking on any of them will take you to that page and the Blog is the last one on the right.

What do I see when I go to the Blog?

Click on the following underlined area and it will take you to a sample of the first page of a Blog then return here and we'll try to explain what you've seen. Remember to return here by clicking on the x in the upper RH corner of your screen. This is just a sample so you will not be able to do some of the things you can do with the real Blog. |Blog|

The left hand edge of the page (sidebar) lists the latest comments that were made by other viewers. The Right hand side of the Page list summaries of the Entries that have been added to the website.

The Entries pertain to various categories that can be expanded as we develop the Blog.

By selecting the <more> option in any f the Entries you will be taken to the detail for that entry, including the comments that are associated with the entry.

At the end of the entry you can add your comment. Go to the sample and come back here for an explanation. Remember to return here using the x in th upper RH Corner. |goto add comment|

There are some necessary entries that I hope will not scare you away.

The first one asks that you enter a security number in the box below it. This protects us from Spam.

The second one asks for your name - Any knickname will do. "Sleepy," "Watchdog," "optimist," "Pessimist," "abc," etc., etc.

The third box asks for your email address. This allows ME (Connie Grundke) to verify that you are a local resident and these emails are not stored or kept for any other purpose by me.

The website box is only there if you wish to pass on a website address that you might have and would like the viewers to visit.

The last box is where you place your comment. You have 3000 characters as your limit. Try to keep it short.

The other boxes:

"Subscribe to this entry" will send you an email (this was why you prided your e-mail address) if anyone adds a comment to this entry.

"Subscribe to this blog" will send you an email whenever an entry/comment is added to the Blog.

"Remember Me" will fill in some of the fields when you next add a comment.

It will take a little time before your entry shows up on the Blog since I (Connie Grundke) will edit it for vulgarity, or inappropriate references, and then I publish it to the Blog for everyone to review. That could take 2-24 hours.

Please enjoy yourself and if you have any questions or problems, feel free to e-mail me at

I am looking forward to serving you.

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