Incentive Plan Results:

The PCM Incentive Plan that has been in effect between 1996 and 2009 has raised considerable concern on the part of the residents and some Directors of Laguna Woods Village. The major concerns are;

  • There has been NO resolution by any board authorizing the payment of any Incentive Bonus. This plan and the associated payments to PCM employees was undertaken solely by PCM.
  • PCM resisted divulging the details of the plan ever since rumors of the plan came to light over 2 years ago and it has never been made public to the resident/owners  by PCM.
  • The first awarness, by the resident/owners, of some of the details of the plan occurred approximately 2/8/2010 when copies of partial details of the plans showed up on the doorstep of a number of resident/owners.
  • The Directors of the Mutuals were not even aware that the Incentive Plan existed, although several Directors said that they knew about the plan. However, in researching these statements, it was detemined that these Directors were talking about a Bonus Plan and a Safety Plan that gave employees gift cards for such things as; work days per year, work days without an accident, etc. The plan that has been identified as the Incentive Plan were payments made to PCM employees for, "Work over and above their job descriptions."

The following links will allow you to see the yearly plan results from 2000 thru 2007. These are PDF files and can be downloaded for your convenience. In using this data, we have no means of determining the accuracy or extent of data. We will continue to research the information to verify; who created the report, and, if the data includes all mutuals or pertains only to GRF.

  1. Year 2000 Incentive Plan Results
  2. Year 2001 Incentive Plan Results
  3. Year 2002 Incentive Plan Results
  4. Year 2003 Incentive Plan Results
  5. Year 2004 Incentive Plan Results
  6. Year 2005 Incentive Plan Results
  7. Year 2006 Incentive Plan Results
  8. Year 2007 Incentive Plan Results

Additional Information;

  1. Analysis & Comments



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