Expense Reimbursements

Updated 07/30/07

The following is a summary of the "Expense Reimbursement" data provided by PCM. If you haven't done so, review the CC&R's and Credit Card charges as a prerequisite to this page.



After viewing the Credit Card charges by PCM Staff, a resident request for the Expense Reimbursement records has revealed that these charges permeate PCM.

See samples of resident inputs to the GRF request for updating the Expense Policy & Guidelines. (Items 6-10 Below).

The data below contains various samples and summaries of these Expense Reimbursement charges in chronological order as they are disclosed:

Reference Data:

  1. CA Corporate Code 8216
  2. Martin L. Lee, Esq Comments on CC&R's (What controls Expenses)
  3. Letter from Corporate Attorney to M Curtis (United & GRF do not have CC&Rs ?)
  4. Certified Letter to all Boards Requesting Audit 4/11/7
  5. Credit Card Update RV Mtg 5/17/7 (Power Point includes reference to Expense Reimbursements)
    1. Credit Card Update RV Mtg 5/17/7 (PDF File of Power Point)
  6. N Robinson email 7-26-7
  7. C Grundke email - Suggested Guidelines 7-27-7
  8. L Skogen Letter to Boards 7-28-7
  9. M Curtis email - 7-29-7
  10. M Curtis - Suggested Guidelines 7-29-7
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