Clubhouse II

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Clubhouse II has gone through almost 10 years of planning. Maintenance has been forgone assuming that the Clubhouse would be replaced.

In 2005 a consultant,Tomko Woll Group, (TWG) was hired to generate a plan and associated costs with the options of "Refurbish" and "Complete Teardown and Rebuild." The results were as expected, Refurbish cost of $7 million vs Rebuild of $9 million, justified a Rebuild by the GRF Board.

When presented to the residents, there was sufficient opposition for not having a third option, Rehab by bringing CH II up to Maintenace levels that would be acceptable for many more years of satisfactory use. This option is currently being considered by the GRF M&C Committee who seem to be supportive of a Rehab versus on of the more costly options.

Subsequently a letter proposing a three story CH #2 and Starter Bldg is to be considered, using money from the sale of the 23 acres located near the Maintenance area (1 below).

A subsequent Value Engineering Analysis was done by resident Bruce Collins evaluating the TWG report illustrating the lack of justification for a new or major refurbishment of CH #2 (3 below). A PowerPoint Presentation (2 below) highlights some of the points that are in the Bruce Collins analysis and includes his estimate of the cost for bringing CH #2 up to a satisfactory service level (see Attachment A in report).

  1. CH II Proposal by Golf Club Presidents.
  2. Action taken on Golf Club Presidents Proposal
  3. Value Engineering Analysis Power Point Presentation that was created by Bruce Collins and presented by Connie Grundke.
  4. Value Engineering Analysis of Tomko Woll Report by Bruce Collins

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