Residents Voice Meeting on Thursday, Aug 24, 2006 CH#V at 6:30pm


All residents and resident owners are invited to this meeting with the exception of present and past Board Members who must have an invitation from the Team Leader's Committee to attend a meeting.


  1. Welcome - Pam Grundke
  2. New Member sign-up at Welcome Table - Jerry Westre
  3. Telephone Committee Report - Lorraine Grundke
  4. Cruise Status Report - Nancy Robinson
  5. Handout Table Report - Mary Ann Shine
  6. Sept and Oct Meeting Schedule Changes - Pam Grundke
  7. Treasurer's Report - Tim Sheehan/Jerry Westre
  8. Announcement of Next Meeting - Jerry Westre
  9. Attorney Status Update - Barbara Copley
  10. RVoice Website Update - Connie Grundke
  11. Emminent Domain Abuse (Slide Presentation)
  12. Security - Past & Present (Slide Presentation)
  13. Close

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