Roofs & Stellar

The following data files are from Power Point presentations on the Roofs for United Mutual and the development of the MIS System that is available for tracking Maintenance.

The analysis reflects a very high "Rain Leak Rate" on buildings that have had new roofs installed. It is my opinion that this rate exceeds an acceptable limit.

Reliance on the MIS System to track Maintenance does not support the effort that PCM has put into this system. We will have spent tens of millions of dollars on this system over the past 15 years and the current system still has data limitations and worse yet, there are no specifications for programs to utilize the new "Stellar" system for Maintenance Tracking.

  1. Grundke United Roof Analysis using 2003-2005 Data.
  2. Grundke United Roof Life Analysis.
  3. Grundke United Roof and Stellar MIS Data Analysis.
  4. Grundke United Long Range Planning Presentation.



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