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"Survey of PCM Management"




The Governance & Public Relations Committee has undertaken the hiring of a consultant, Dr. Mary Watson of GHS Consulting, to take a survey of 2500 residents (Survey) with the intent of determining the satisfaction of the residents with respect to PCM Management. You have probably heard the advertisement on our TV Cable system numerous times if you watch any TV at all.

A letter was written to the GRF President, Robert Miller, asking him the respond to questions pertaining to this Survey Process ( CKG to RMiller 7-28-8). Reading this letter will provide you with some of the problems associated with the decision to have a Survey and the Process that was eventually sponsored by the GRF Board.

In addition to this letter, I have subsequently sent the following email to the Chairman of the GRF Finance Committee, Don Tibbetts in response to outcome of the GRF Finance Committee Meeting on 7/29/8. An extract follows;

...... My main concern today, though, is with the Survey. Realizing the errors in the survey and redoing the current Survey is all well and good, but, it does nothing to answer the underlying questions;

1). Why do we need a Survey? Money would be better spent with a Managerial or Financial Audit. Is it possible that PCM is more comfortable having an associate measure their performance than to do any kind of audit?

2). "How does the contractor, Dr. M. Watson, justify her statement that there is no connection between GHS and PCM and GRF?" As the chairman of the Finance Committee, when this is brought to light, I believe that you have the right, AND, duty to ensure that our money is being spent properly. The ultimate objective of the contractor is to, "Monitor the Quality of PCM Management." PCM and GHS have been associates for many years through membership in a common association. There is sufficient documentation to make that embarrassingly evident to anyone who wishes to look for this potential collusion. I hope that you will take the time to review this with the GRF Finance Committee and Board and show the residents who trust you, that there is some measure of oversight by the current Directors. We are seeing an increase in the lack of oversight as is evident in the resident frustration that is showing up at the various Board and Committee Meetings.

As we continue to look into the operation of PCM and the Boards, it is evident that the Boards can find no fault with PCM and their actions. Some day a rude awakening will take place and capable Boards will begin to define what PCM should do, as Milt Johns continually informs us is being done, and the Residents will become priority number one instead of being at the bottom of the totem pole as we are today.

In addition, why are WE spending OUR money on PCM's public relations. If you want to measure PCM performance, there are many tools with which to do that and a history of the "Lag Time" report would be one way possible. We have spent tens of millions of dollars on computers and the "Stellar" program for tracking PCM performance, Maybe we should hire a contractor to show us how to utilize our equipment to measure PCM performance. Quality of Maintenance should be one of the Boards major objectives. With Quality Maintenance comes "Happy Residents."

Connie Grundke

The conclusion of the Finance Committee was;

  1. The selection of the 2500 surveys that were mailed was done in error by the Consultant. All of the 2500 surveys were mailed to an address with an incorrect name. Since it was bulk mail, there was no return to the sender preventing the Consultant from knowing how many surveys were filled out.
  2. The Consultant will redo the mailing of surveys at no charge to the GRF Mutual.
  3. The TV ads that were done, and, will be done, are done at no charge to the GRF Mutual, using the following logic;
    • Our Broadband/TV salesmen were unable to sell various time slots to advertisers and since they were unsold, there is no cost to the Broadband facility to air the advertisements with the GHS Consultants ad.
    • That would imply that it should also not cost any money for a LWV Club, Function, Residents Voice, etc., to air advertisements over our TV system for any unsold ad times.

The unequivocal statement by the Consultant on the ads, that there was no connection between GHS, GRF and PCM is totally false and can be interpreted as collusion. PCM and GHS were/are members of the same "trade" association and by asking one of the members of the association to police another member of the association is a perfect opportunity for collusion. To ask this consultant to redo the survey is a lack of oversight on the part of the GRF Board and indicative of the power that PCM has over the various Boards.


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